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Veteran actor Zeenat Aman’s Instagram timeline is no short of a treasure trove of curated memories from her golden days in Bollywood, however, her latest Instagram entry, as she rightly puts it “is a caption for men ” and talks about the importance of being secure as a male. The Great Gambler star treated her fans on Tuesday to a picture, featuring herself and her son Zahaan Khan. In the picture, we can see Zahaan helping the veteran actress with her bags.

Alongside the picture, Zeenat Aman wrote, “This is a caption for men. Please don’t be afraid to hold your mother/sister/wife/aunt/girlfriend/friend’s handbag when they ask. Or for that matter, even when they don’t ask, but you can see that they’re struggling or have been carrying it for too long. I can guarantee that you will need something from it someday, if not every day. Nothing screams insecure like a man who’s afraid of or disgusted by things associated with women! Tampons, handbags, makeup… whatever it is. Get over it. Just a Tuesday thought since I found this picture of @zanuski helping with my handbag.”

Within minutes of posting the picture, fans flooded her comment section with praises for the actress. One wrote, “I couldn’t agree with you more,” while another gushed, “We need more of that; strong & righteous mothers raising empathetic men.”

The sweetest comment however came from Zeenat Aman’s son who wrote, “You’ve been lugging me around since my birth! Have to return the favour from time to time.”

Take a look at the post here:

In yet another intriguing tale from her golden days last week, Zeenat Aman recalled the time a gentleman tried to woo her by leaving a gift on her makeup table. The Satyam Shivam Sundaram actress began her post with a disclaimer as she chose to keep the timeline or details of the incident a secret to avoid unwarranted speculations. She wrote, “A titbit from a makeup room many years ago. I won’t mention the time or place because it will stoke unwanted speculation, but I can share that I was in the radiance of youth.”

What followed next was the unravelling of a lovely story.Zeenat Aman’s post read, ” We had wrapped for the day, and I had returned to my tiny makeup room. Along with the usual clutter of Max Factor tubes and jars, I found a sizeable ribboned box on my table. The card simply bore my name, with no clue as to the sender. My curiosity was piqued. I unlaced the bow and opened the box to find another smaller box within it, and then yet another and another and another, all nested like Russian dolls. The last box had some weight to it. I popped it open and in it lay a tennis ball like some oversized neon pearl. Stuck to it was a handwritten note – the ball’s in your court.”

Revealing that she did not entertain the request despite the grand gesture, Zeenat Aman wrote, “Who doesn’t enjoy the charm and a grand gesture? Though I, unfortunately, didn’t give the sender the pleasure of my company on a date, I was plenty tickled and flattered by his creativity! Your turn. Share a grand gesture that you’ve received in the comments.”

Zeenat Aman is best known for her work in films such as Satyam Shivam Sundaram, Don, Yaadon Ki Baraat, and Hare Rama Hare Krishna, among others.

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