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We are in awe of veteran actress Zeenat Aman’s wise words. In her latest Instagram entry, Zeenat Aman talked about how people will “always find a reason to talk, so it’s probably best not to allow their opinion or perception to define your life.” The life lesson came in context to the “vicious” headlines tabloids carried about her the actress back in the 80s. Sharing the cover pages of a bunch of magazines and tabloids, Zeenat Aman wrote, “If the headlines were to be believed, in 1979 I had cursed myself, in 1982 I was being picked on, in 1984 I was out of sync, in 1985 I was marching towards self-destruction, and in 1998 I was shattered.” The actress recalled the time when she subscribed to glossies and tabloids. “I could not relate at all to the person they presented me as. The headlines would be adulatory one day and vicious the very next. There was little by way of fact-checking, and no remorse for errors made. When they got the story right – it was usually a colossal breach of privacy. When they got it wrong – those blatant lies would be taken as the gospel. These “scandals” took their toll. It was its own form of public humiliation, and I remember the anxiety, outrage and grief that came with these,” she added. 

In her long note, Zeenat Aman shared an incident where she once confronted an editor about a malicious story. As per the veteran actress, the editor was “full of excuses” and “not a single apology.” Following this, Zeenat Aman made up her mind to not take the tabloids personally. She wrote, “At some point, my skin toughened, and the realisation dawned that it was impossible for me to challenge the persona that they wanted to create. The one time I confronted an erstwhile editor about a malicious story, she was full of excuses but not a single apology. I made up my mind then not to take it personally. Undignified as it was, their only interest was selling their magazines.” 

“All this is just to say – people will always find reason to talk, and so it’s probably best not to allow their opinion or perception to define your life. You can do that for yourself,” Zeenat Aman concluded. 


Zeenat Aman is always dropping truth bombs. In one of her previous Instagram posts, titled “This is a caption for men”, the veteran star talked about the importance of being secure as a male. She shared a picture with her son Zahaan Khan, who is seen holding her [Zeenat Aman’s] bag. 

In the caption, Zeenat Aman wrote, “This is a caption for men. Please don’t be afraid to hold your mother/sister/wife/aunt/girlfriend/friend’s handbag when they ask. Or for that matter, even when they don’t ask, but you can see that they’re struggling or have been carrying it for too long. I can guarantee that you will need something from it someday, if not every day. Nothing screams insecure like a man who’s afraid of or disgusted by things associated with women! Tampons, handbags, makeup… whatever it is. Get over it. Just a Tuesday thought since I found this picture of @zanuski helping with my handbag.”


Zeenat Aman is best known for her work in films like Satyam Shivam Sundaram,  Yaadon Ki Baraat, Hare Rama Hare Krishna and Don, among others. 

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