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Lisa Ray’s latest Instagram post is definitely worth a read. The actress wrote about challenging societal rules in an extensive post. This part of  Lisa Ray’s life…Is called happiness. From getting married at 40, to becoming a mother at 45 and co-founding a company at 50, Lisa Ray shared all her experiences. The supermodel began the note with these words, “Got married to my habibi at 40 (because it never occurred to me not to)Welcomed our glorious twin girls at 45 (because we have the technological advancements to assist a cancer survivor having children). First book published at 46 (because it’s been my dream to be a published writer since I was a kid – and because telling your own story is essential). Co-founded an art tech platform at 50 (because I love art and now we have the disruptive tech to re-imagine how art is shared, bought and enjoyed).”

Writing about life post marriage, Lisa added, “Lived in 5 diverse cities post marriage across Asia (because why would you remain in one place if you have the opportunity to experience more?)Healed and learned to cherish and prioritise health, spiritual growth and happiness above everything (because this process is lifelong).”

The actor also wrote about the progress she made on the professional front and how the Gen Z got to know her. “Worked on a hit OTT show, playing a super fun, unconventional character at 49, that suddenly made me hot with Gen Z (only after the producer-friend pinned me down with the promise of a female led set).”

More dose of inspiration incoming. Lisa Ray learned tennis at 42. Because, why not? Lisa explained that all these chapters of her life came after she was diagnosed with cancer at 37. “Blessings come in many disguises,” she wrote.

She signed off her wonderful post with these words, “This particular chapter comes post a diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma – a blood cancer – and a thriving career in front of the camera that while it afforded a level of fame and independence, nearly killed me. The business of entertainment is not aligned with my values and inner life. But it has given me a platform to say: Societal rules? What rules? If it has never occurred to live on your own terms, why not?”

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Lisa Ray is best-known for her role in Deepa Mehta’s Water. She famously featured in the Afreen Afreen music video. She has also starred in Kasoor, Veerappan and Dobaara. Lisa Ray has starred in TV shows like Endgame, Top Chef Canada, Murdoch Mysteries, Blood Ties and Four More Shots Please!.

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