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Trinetra Haldar is having a moment and a great one at that. The doctor-content creator has given an arresting performance as Meher in Zoya Akhtar and Reema Katgi’s Made In Heavenseason 2. While Trinetra Haldar rose to fame as one of India’s first transgender content creators, she impressed one and all with her maiden acting performance in the series as the new production head at Made in Heaven. Now, Trinetra has shared a glimpse of the first day of shoot and shared her state of mind as she faced the camera for the first time. “16/03/2021. I will never forget this day. The scene with Meher/Rahil in the car was my very first day on Made in Heaven 2, and my very first time acting in front of a camera. I was 23, and had just finished my first internship rotation – gynaecology,” Trinetra wrote.

Speaking about how the world of cinema was new to her, Trinetra Haldar added, “I had no idea what words like “axis”, “jib”, “dolly”, “background action”, “10-1” meant. I remember asking someone, ‘what’s a recco?’ He said, ‘It’s called a recce, Trinetra, gosh.’ A doctor learns thousands of new words through their undergrad, and then you step onto a set as large as this one, and you realise they all speak a whole language you don’t understand. I’m only just beginning to learn the ABCs, and my gosh, it is so wild.”

On working with the team including director Alankrita Shrivastava, Trinetra said, “It was on this day that the incredible @alankrita601 – Alankrita – whose work I’d admired, sat my co-actor Akash and me down and we did our lines. On our way to set, Akash and I spoke about all things transition, consent, and transphobia. The very first day – an intimate scene, aggression, violence – safe to say, I was a puddle of nerves. You go through so much of that in real life, that to break away from it and just do the job and go home unaffected feels highly impossible.”

“@avancontractor cut Meher her fringe that night, and @krystalmakeupnhair kept it in place throughout. The sheer effort it took to maintain fringe continuity for three years. @tashaonline and @nishaa.guptaa made Meher gorgeous, and applied dirt on my arms and legs generously for effect. @alankrita601 made sure that even on the streets of UP, I felt okay, and we got through the shots, each of which looked stunning through @nikosfoto’s camera. On this day, one of the least hectic days in retrospect given only two actors, I learnt how it takes a fairly large village to extract about two minutes of content over 12 hours, and just how integral everybody is to that village,” the actress wrote.

Sharing her feelings, Trinetra added, “We wrapped eventually, and I remember feeling so grateful that I’ve lived a night shift in a hospital and also on the sets of Made in Heaven 2.

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Trinetra Haldar is one of the first transgender Indian content creators to have documented her transition on social media. The actress, who underwent her gender affirmation surgery at 21, is a  medical graduate from Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, making her Karnataka’s first transgender doctor. Both seasons of Made In Heaven can be viewed on Prime Video.


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