CHENNAI: Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin on Monday assured that NEET can be done away with amid rising number of cases of suicides by students.

CM Stalin also urged the students to avoid suicidal thoughts.
“Have confidence, do not have suicidal thoughts. Do not think of losing your life in any situation. Definitely, we can remove NEET which proves to be an obstacle to your goals. The Tamil Nadu government is working vigorously towards that,” CM said in a statement.

His statement came after an aspirant who died by suicide in Tamil Nadu’s Chennai after failing to clear NEET exam twice on Sunday.
A day later his father also died by suicide on Monday.
“I was shocked after knowing that Jegadeeswaran from Chrompet, who was a NEET aspirant, committed suicide. When I was thinking how to console the student’s parents, the next day, his father Selvasekar also died by suicide. I do not know how to console the Jegadeeswaran family, friends and relatives,” CM Stalin said.
“Condolences to the death of S Jegadeeswaran and his father Selvasekar,” he added.

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