MUMBAI: Two teenage college students from Colaba who posted an image of Pakistan‘s Independence Day celebrations as their status on Instagram were arrested by Mumbai police.

The arrest was carried out under section 151 of CrPC. Sub-section (3) of section 151, as amended for the state of Maharashtra, enables the arrest of a person on the basis of an apprehension that he is likely to pursue a plan to commit or is likely to commit a cognizable offence after his release and that circumstances of the case are such that his presence in police custody is required. Police said the arrests were prohibitory in nature and the duo were released after a warning.
Police said businessman Prathmesh Chavan approached Colaba police on Monday and lodged a complaint that a few boys were using Pakistan’s I-Day celebration as their status on Instagram and that this may lead to communal tension. Colaba police’s ATS on late Monday night tracked down the boys and placed them under prohibitory arrest.

Police checked their mobiles, took a screen shot and seized them. Police said their parents were called and the boys were let off after a warning. They have been, for the time being, barred from moving around in the vicinity.

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