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Twinkle Khanna is a woman of words. There’ll be no disagreement that Mrs. Funnybones can perceive things in a certain manner that very few can. Twinkle Khanna’s latest post is about high heels and how women torture themselves by wearing heels. Twinkle Khanna shared a picture of herself dressed in her festive best. The picture is in greyscale. For obvious reasons, she is seen wearing heels in the picture. However, Twinkle’s two-cents on it was, “Heels are empowering only if you mistake altitude for attitude.” Twinkle began her post with these words, “High heels are a pain in the posterior and I am still trying to understand how we got conned into putting ourselves regularly through this torturous routine.”

Twinkle then posed a pertinent question and wrote, “And if heels were truly powerful, then wouldn’t men be wearing them as well? Jeff Bezos on the cover of Time magazine in Jimmy Choo peep toes. Elon Musk driving his Tesla in Versace stilettos. Putin posing bare-chested with a hunting gun and Manolo spike heels.”  She asked her Instafam for opinions,”Which side are you on? Heels or flats? Let me know in the comments below.”

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A few days back, Twinkle Khanna shared a throwback with mom Dimple Kapadia. In the first two pictures from Twinkle’s childhood, we can see her walking while holding her mom Dimple’s hand. In both pictures, Twinkle Khanna looks visibly displeased as opposed to her mother Dimple, who can be seen flashing her widest smile. The third picture is however from the present and shows the mother-daughter smiling beautifully for the camera. Twinkle, in her self-deprecating humour, wrote in the caption, “All I need is a little suit and I could easily pass off as her bouncer. Forty years later, I am still her bodyguard. I got the suit and I have also learned to disguise the aggressiveness behind a smile. What role do you play in your mother’s life?”

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Twinkle Khanna dons many hats. She is an author, interior decorator and a film producer as well. Twinkle Khanna is known for movies like Barsaat, Baadshah, International Khiladi, to name a few. After leaving films, Twinkle cemented her identity as an author and commentator. She wrote books like Mrs Funnybones: She’s just like You and a lot like Me, The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad, Pyjamas Are Forgiving.

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