Junior actor and comedian Tirthanand Rao, who goes by the name of Junior Nana Patekar, took to social media and tried to die by suicide.
During a live interaction on social media, Tirthanand shared that a woman has been responsible for his condition and if anything wrong happens to him then he should get justice. The woman has two daughters and he was also in a live-in.
He spoke about getting emotionally blackmailed and also that the woman had extorted money from him.He says, “I am in a debt of Rs 3-4 lakhs due to this woman. I have known her since October. She also complained against me in Bhayandar and I don’t know for what reason. But she would also call me and want to meet me.”

While narrating the incident he takes an insect repellant bottle and is seen pouring a liquid in a glass and drinks it. He tries to die by suicide and tells that if anything happens to him, the woman should be held responsible. Here’s what happened to him.
According to reports by English daily, some friends called the nearest police station, who rushed him to the hospital. He was found in an unconscious state.
Tirthanand has been a part of a few episodes in Wagle Ki Duniya as well.

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