Sunny Deol and Shah Rukh Khan at Gadar 2 success party.

New Delhi:

Sunny Deol and Shah Rukh Khan have been making headlines ever since the latter visited a Gadar 2 success bash hosted by Sunny Deol along with his wife Gauri Khan, earlier this month. At the party, the two, who were reportedly not on talking terms since their film Darr in 1993, were seen sharing a warm hug and posing for the cameras. Now in an interview with India TV, the Gadar 2 actor has shed light on what transpired between them years back and the equation that the two superstars share now.

It so happened that in an Ask SRK session a few weeks back, Shah Rukh Khan was found praising Gadar 2 on X ( previously known as Twitter). In a recent interview with Indian TV, when Sunny Deol was reminded that Shah Rukh had praised his film, the actor confirmed by saying “definitely” and talking about the feud with the Pathaan star, added “Woh zamana (those days) when it happened, that was a different time. I say people forget what happened in those days. One understands such things should not have happened. It was ‘bachpana’ (childish). After that, Shah Rukh and I met several times and spoke to each other about many things. We also talked about some movies. This time, he was watching my film with his entire family. And he called me up. Toh sab cheezen bahut badhiya hai. Sab kuch bahut badhiya (everything is fine now).”

For the unversed, Shah Rukh Khan and Sunny Deol worked together in the 1993 film Darr alongside actress Juhi Chawla. In the thriller, Shah Rukh Khan played the antagonist.

This is the tweet from Shah Rukh Khan that we were talking about:

In another interview With Times Now, Sunny Deol revealed that SRK called to congratulate him for Gadar 2‘s success. Sunny Deol told Times Now, “He had seen this film and before that, he called me up and wished me and he was so happy, he told me I am so happy, you genuinely deserve it and I said thank you.” Sunny Deol said that he also spoke to SRK’s wife Gauri Khan and added, “I spoke to his wife and son and he said that tonight we’re going to watch the film. And I said great. And I think after that he has seen it and tweeted about it.”

Sunny Deol had a falling out with the filmmaker as well as SRK on the sets of Darr in 1993. Sunny Deol said that he disagreed with the way his character was portrayed in the film’s climax. In an old Aap Ki Adalat episode, Sunny Deol spoke about not being on speaking terms with SRK after the film, clarifying that he and SRK never ran into each other because he doesn’t socialise much. “It’s not that I didn’t talk but I just cut myself off and I don’t socialise much. So we never met, toh baat karne ki baat he nahi hai,” Sunny Deol said in the old interview.

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