MUMBAI: A Shiv Sena MLA’s son has been booked along with 10 to 12 others for kidnapping the CEO of a music company from his Goregaon office, taking him to Dahisar and assaulting him allegedly at the behest of his rival. The complainant, Rajkumar Singh, had a financial disagreement with Manoj Mishra, who owns another music company.

On Wednesday, Singh was at his office when he received a phone call asking him to come to MLA Prakash Surve’s office. Surve belongs to Maharashtra chief minister Eknath Shinde’s camp.
He replied that he would come on Saturday. Shortly afterward, about 10 to 12 men barged in. Grabbing Singh by the collar, they asked him why he hadn’t come to the MLA’s office. Singh was verbally abused and bashed up in the presence of his employees. According to the FIR, Singh was dragged from his office through the lift and into a car. His employees tried to intervene but in vain.

According to the FIR, Singh was taken to Surve’s office in Dahisar where Surve’s son, Raj, and Mishra were present. On receiving a phone call, Raj instructed that Singh be moved to another location. Singh was then taken to the first-floor apartment of a building about 500 metres away.
In the meantime, Singh’s colleagues had alerted the police. Singh says he was constantly receiving calls from the police control room but he was not allowed to answer them. He was threatened by the accused at gunpoint and asked to sign on a stamped paper. Later, he was moved back to Surve’s office and was warned against complaining to the police. He was threatened that he would be framed in a case of money laundering and rape if he complained to the police. Vanrai police rescued him from the MLA’s office and later registered an FIR.
Teams of policemen have been deployed to hunt for the accused.

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