NEW DELHI: The Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) on Tuesday shared an ‘anaglyph’ of the Vikram lander on the lunar surface, which is a specialised photograph that encodes a three-dimensional image in a single picture by superimposing a pair of pictures.
Red & Cyan glasses needed to view 3D photo: Isro
“Anaglyph is a simple visualization of the object or terrain in three dimensions from stereo or multi-view images. The Anaglyph presented here is created using NavCam Stereo Images, which consist of both a left and right image captured onboard the Pragyan Rover,” Isro said on X.

“In this 3-channel image, the left image is positioned in the red channel, while the right image is placed in the blue and green channels (creating cyan). The difference in perspective between these two images results in the stereo effect, which gives the visual impression of three dimensions. Red & Cyan glasses are recommended for viewing in 3D NavCam was developed by LEOS / ISRO. Data Processing is carried out by SAC / ISRO,” it added.

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