Mahindra & Mahindra is gearing up to expand its electric vehicle portfolio with the introduction of an electrified version of its popular off-roading SUV, the Thar. The manufacturer is set to introduce the concept version of the EV, christened as the ‘Thar.e’ at its FutureScape event on the forthcoming Independence Day. Here, let’s take a look at what can be expected from the rugged off-roader in its electric avatar!

Thar.e Powertrain
Contrary to the popular belief that the electric Thar will be employing the same unit as its XUV400 electric SUV, the company’s sole EV on sale in India, it is likely going to offer a bigger, more powerful battery pack to meet the off-roading characteristics of the vehicle.

The SUV can be expected to be equipped with two motors, mounted on one axle each, to deliver the 4X4/AWD performance, albeit on an electric powertrain as opposed to its current ICE counterpart.
Additionally, the instant torque generated by the electric motors will also enhance its off-roading capabilities, giving it an edge on the routes less taken.

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Thar.e Design
On the design front, the Thar.e is likely to get major, futuristic cosmetic updates over the existing ICE model. However, the overall design language will be carried forward, making it appear an integral part of the family, which is also awaiting its new five-door member.
While the OEM hasn’t revealed much about the EV, a squarish LED lamps with rounded-off corners was seen in the recently released teaser.
Thar.e Range
Mahindra will likely debut the electric Thar with a segment-topping range because it should. Why? Being an off-roader, the electric SUV should not come with range fears so that the customers can take it beyond the tarmac without having to worry about a drained battery.
The carmaker has already cracked the code for long range with an impressive 456 km on a single charge offered with the top-spec EL trim of the XUV400. The company will likely build on the existing capability of its sibling to give the Thar.e the crucial off-road enabling range.
Thar.e Platform
Mahindra has confirmed that its ground-up EVs, including the BE.05, BE.07, and BE.09 will be based on its new platform called the ‘INGLO’, which has been developed keeping the EV-specific characteristics in mind.
However, the story for Thar is likely to be different as it can be expected to be based on the existing platform, though, it will most likely be repurposed to fit in the large battery pack. In contrast, the XUV400 electric SUV is also based on the 5-star rated XUV300 platform.

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