Ishita Dutta and Vatsal Sheth named their little munchkin Vaayu. Ishita took to her Instagram handle to share the video of the naamkaran ceremony. They went for the traditional Gujarati rituals. The elder ladies of the house gathered and carried the little one in a swing made of cloth or blanket. As per the Gujarati traditions, the elder sister or aunt (child’s bua) keeps the child’s name by singing the folk song ‘Holi Jodi peepal paan’

In the video, Ishita carries her little one to the hall where they planned the celebration.

She puts him in the blanket swing which is held by all the ladies of the house and after singing the folk song, they reveal Ishita and Vatsal’s son will be called ‘Vaayu Sheth‘.

Earlier, Ishita had shared how she had a few false alarms before she actually went into labour. They went quite a few times to the hospital due to them. She said, “Finally it was time, with Vatty hearing me throughout.. finally, he was here.” She further shared glimpses of their celebration in the hospital and also how they were welcomed at home with their munchkin.
She also shared an update on her mom’s life, “New vlog and new me, welcome to my mom-life. I missed my tea during my pregnancy and finally, I can have it. There are lots and lots of cuddles with my little one throughout the day. There are laddoos especially eaten in postpartum. I am already missing my baby bump.” And she continued with how her day has been going with the little one and how Vatsal makes sure to give her time to relax as well.

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