NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said India’s G20 presidency has indeed left a profound impact. In an exclusive interview with PTI, the PM also highlighted that the nation is poised to continue its journey toward becoming a developed and inclusive global leader.
The Prime Minister described India’s G20 presidency as a momentous opportunity to shape the world’s agenda and shared his insight into the evolving global perspective toward a more human-centric world. “Many positive impacts have emerged from India’s G20 Presidency, and some of these are very close to my heart,” he said.
He emphasized the transformative journey India is undertaking and its commitment to the principles of “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas” on a global scale. This can also “serve as a guiding light for the welfare of the world,” he stated.
He also said that the world’s traditional GDP-centric view is shifting towards a more inclusive and human-centric approach, and in this transition, “India playing the role of catalyst,” PM Modi asserted.
On India’s development goals, PM Modi shared an ambitious vision. “India will be a developed nation by 2047,” he declared. “Corruption, casteism, and communalism will have no place in our national life.”
Reflecting on the significance of India’s role in the G20, PM Modi said “In G20, our words and vision are seen by the world as a roadmap for future and not merely ideas.”
Addressing a longstanding perception, PM Modi remarked, “For too long, India has been seen as a country of 1 billion hungry stomachs. Now, it is 1 billion aspirational minds, 2 billion skilled hands.”
PM Modi spoke of the unique opportunity before the Indian populace. “Indians today have a great chance to lay the foundation for growth that will be remembered for the next thousand years,” he affirmed.

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