NEW DELHI: The Himachal Pradesh government on Friday declared the whole state as “natural calamity affected area.”
Heavy rains have lashed the hill state since Sunday, triggering landslides in several districts, including Shimla. The death toll in rain-battered Himachal Pradesh has risen to 75 and 22 of these deaths were in the three major landslides in Shimla alone.
“The state of Himachal Pradesh has witnessed unprecedented loss of human lives and huge destruction, damage and loss to public and private property during the ongoing monsoon season. The entire state has been badly ravaged by incessant ain leading to floods, cloudbursts, landslides, and slope failure taking heavy toll of lives and property. Thousands of dwelling units have been damaged or destroyed,” the government said.
“Keeping in view the unprecedented grave situation leading loss of human life and damage, destruction and loss 0f public infrastructure and private property, the state government. has decided to declare the whole State of Himachal Pradesh as “natural calamity affected area”,” it added.
Since the onset of the monsoon on June 24, 217 persons have died in rain-related incidents in Himachal Pradesh and 11,301 houses have been partially or completely damaged, according to the state emergency operation centre.
A total of 506 roads are still closed in the state and 408 transformers and 149 water supply schemes have been disrupted.
In the last few days, thousands have been evacuated from flooded areas.

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