NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said the heinous acts of violence committed against women in Manipur can never be forgiven. “The Centre and the state government are working together and doing everything possible to ensure that the accused get the strictest punishment,” PM Modi said.

Replying to the debate on motion of no-confidence in Lok Sabha, PM Modi targeted the opposition and said “Had they been interested in discussing Manipur, we could have had a detailed discussion separately.”
“Home minister called opposition for discussion; he spoke on Manipur in detail Wednesday but opposition only wants to do politics,” PM Modi said.

“I want to assure the people that peace will be restored in Manipur in the coming time. I want to tell the people of Manipur including women and daughters of Manipur that the country is with you,” PM Modi said.
“The situation in Manipur is being portrayed as if the problem in the state started in the recent times. This is not true. The Congress is responsible for all the problems that the people of northeast including Manipur are facing today,” PM Modi said.
“The Prime Minister accused the grand old party and former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru of neglecting the northeast as the region was not electorally attractive,” he said.
“They have murdered trust of people of northeast, wounds of that keep appearing from time to time,” the PM said.
“The government in Manipur has been trying to find solutions to these problems for the last 6 years,” he said and reminded the days of bandhs and blockades in the state under the Congress’s rule.
The Prime Minister predicted a bright future for the northeast and said his government has given priority to the development of the region.

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