NEW DELHI: Despite facing challenges in his audition for the No. 4 slot in India’s ODI batting lineup, dynamic Suryakumar Yadav remains resolute in his determination to decipher the code for successful runs in cricket’s most demanding format.
Renowned as the top-ranked T20 batter globally and a pivotal figure for the Mumbai Indians in the IPL, Suryakumar has encountered difficulties in anchoring India’s ODI innings leading up to the World Cup.
His struggle to notch a single half-century across 20 matches between February 2022 and August 2023 highlighted the complexities of the transition.

Indian captain Rohit Sharma recently shared that Suryakumar was actively seeking guidance from players who have thrived in the format. Suryakumar himself has now provided additional insights into this endeavor.
“The balance is very important in this format, and for that reason, I am doing a lot of practice and also having conversations regarding this with Rahul (Dravid) sir, Rohit bhai, and Virat (Kohli) bhai. Hopefully, with this tournament going forward, I will crack the code,” he said.

In his recent assignment in the Caribbean, Suryakumar was relegated to the No. 6 position.
With Shreyas Iyer, the preferred No. 4 choice, making a comeback for the Asia Cup, Suryakumar could potentially be bound to this new role. While included in the 18-member Asia Cup squad and seemingly in contention for the World Cup team, he recognises the imperative need to reverse his fortunes and excel.
“I feel the role which will be given to me, I will try to maintain that role, and if it’s a changed role I will try and do that. But yeah, this is one format which I’m really looking forward to doing well in,” Suryakumar was quoted as saying by Star Sports.
“Everyone is saying that ‘T20 is going good for me, both are white ball cricket but why I am not able to crack the code in the 50-over format’. But, I am doing my practice because according to me, this format is the most challenging one,” he said.

Suryakumar elaborates his outlook for ODI cricket as a mix of all three formats, admitting that balance is key in the 50-overs game.
“The reason behind this is because here you have to play like the other three formats. First by setting down with calmness and composure, then rotating the strike well, followed by at last the T20 gameplay,” he said.
“I am just trying to keep my intent and approach the same at least because it’s very important to stick to your approach when you are playing this sport. But I am trying to play with the situation,” the 32-year-old said.
For someone who waltzes in immediately upon the fall of a wicket, Suryakumar said he always remains in his “top gear”.
“I always remain in top gear. I always feel excited when I am in the dugout because I eagerly wait for the time when I will go to bat. Also, if I get dismissed on the first ball, still I have no problem because my preparation and excitement inside the dugout remain the same,” he said.
“My heart rate becomes high when a wicket falls every time, thus I always run into the crease because I feel good when my heart rate is high,” he said.
(With PTI inputs)

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