NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday addressed the G20 Development MinistersMeeting via video-conferencing.
Talking about democratisation of technology, he said it is an “important tool to help bridge the data divide”. In India, digitalisation has brought about a revolutionary change, he said.
“I am delighted that the G20 development agenda has reached Kashi as well. Development is a core issue for the global south… I strongly believe that it is our collective responsibility not to let the sustainable development goals fall behind,” the Prime Minister said in his address.
“In India, we have made efforts to improve people’s lives in more than 100 aspirational districts which were pockets of underdevelopment,” he also said while addressing the meet. “Our efforts must be comprehensive, inclusive, fair and sustainable,” he added.
The Prime Minister also said that India believes in not only woman empowerment, but also “women-led development”.

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