Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah actress Jennifer Mistry Bansiwal, who has filed an FIR against Producer Asit Kumarr Modi of sexual harassment and torture at workplace recently spoke to ETimes TV about her FIR and the case. During the interview, Jennifer talked about the status of her complaint and stated that there is no update in her case. She accused Asit Modi of trying to influence one of the witnesses in the case, Gurucharan Singh Sodhi.She shared that Producer Asit Kumarr Modi cleared Gurucharan’spending dues of three and a half years just after she made him one of her witnesses in the case.
Questioning Producer Asit Kumar Modi’s intentions, Jennifer made some shocking revelations, “Gurucharan is one of the witnesses in my case. I got a call on June 9 from Gurucharan Sodhi all of a sudden asking me to come and meet him. He was the one who had rescued me in Singapore when Asit Kumarr Modi tried to flirt with or misbehave with me. He in a fun, diplomatic way stood between us and stopped him from staying away from or not touching me. This was because I had shared about Asit Ji’s behaviour in the past. He knows all the things. Also I would like to give the background that in May 2023, Gurucharan had himself called me and had assured me that he would be a witness for me in the court. He had categorically told me, “I would not comment in the media but he will come to the court to support me.”
She further added, “Suddenly, on June 9th when I went to meet him, he told me he was called to office on June 8th all of a sudden and all his outstanding dues which were pending since the last three and a half years were cleared. All the pending dues were cleared which were stuck. I realised then and there now he would not speak in my favour. I did not tell him anything, but he told me that he can be the neutral person between Asit Modi and me who can get us to sit across and discuss.”
Jennifer Mistry Bansiwal, who filed an FIR against the producer of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah shared that she was ready to sit across and speak to the former when the cops and Gurucharan approached her for the same. However, there was no revert from Asit Kumarr Modi and the team, “I was stunned because he was using the same words which the police officials had asked me a few days ago. The investigating officer had asked me if there is any neutral person who can make us patch up and the same words were used by Gurucharan, I was shocked. I started wondering if Gurucharan was told to say all this when he was called to collect his pending payment. But Gurucharan told him he is feeling he can be a mediator. They decided to meet at his place and kept following up to meet at his place finally Gurucharan said they were not replying. Even the cops approached me for a meeting in the police station, initially I was reluctant but I agreed to it, but then there was no revert. In fact, they bought the time and falsely accused me of 10 other baseless things.”

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