Another day, another priceless post by veteran actress Saira Banu. The 78-year-old has been sharing major throwback moments featuring her husband, Bollywood legend Dilip Kumar, and his superstar friends on Instagram. Saira Banu’s latest post featured two legends of Indian cinema — Dilip Kumar and Raj Kapoor. In the pic, Raj Kapoor is seen playing the harmonium as Dilip Kumar cheers and whistles for him. Saira Banu, in her elaborate note, spoke about their friendship. She said that the two actors were childhood friends. The actress wrote, “They were both born in Peshawar, their native city and as they grew up, they studied at “Khalsa College”, in Bombay. Later on, they spent days in their formative years at “Bombay Talkies” where they worked under the scrutinising care and guidance of stalwarts like Devika Rani, the owner, Shashadhar Mukherji, producer and the elite company of superstar Ashok Kumar.” 

Dilip Kumar and Raj Kapoor “ loved each other in the same measure as they loved their own siblings,” she added. The two shared their “thoughts, emotions and secret aspirations more with each other than perhaps anyone in their own respective families.”

Talking about their strong bond and deep-rooted love, Saira Banu said, “If Raj [Kapoor] ji were in London and [Dilip Kumar]Sahib phoned that he was needed here in town for some important function, Raj [Kapoor] ji would think nothing of just flying back immediately, this was the love and respect they had for each other.”

Saira Banu added that Raj Kapoor and Shahi Kapoor danced “all the way from [Dilip Kumar] Sahib’s house to my house at our marriage.”

Saira Banu has also addressed Dilip Kumar and Raj Kapoor’s “professional rivalry”. She said, “Of course, they had their professional rivalry, and it would have been abnormal if they did not compete as professionals, but the beauty of it was that they hated to see each other fail or fall from their respective positions as “Superstars”. They were immensely proud of each other in a loving way.” 

Recalling an instance, Saira Banu said that on the release of Dilip Kumar’s Shakti Raj Kapoor sent a bouquet of roses with a special note that said “Long Live The King”. Shakti, by Ramesh Sippy, was released in 1982. It also featured Amitabh Bachchan, Smita Patil and Anil Kapoor. 

Saira Banu also spoke about the time when Raj Kapoor “ suddenly had a cardiac stroke” and was admitted to a hospital in Delhi. She said, “The very day Dilip Sahib returned to India, took a flight to Delhi, and was rushed to the hospital. He said to Raj Ji “I have just come back from Peshawar’ and brought back the ‘Khushboo’ of Chapli Kebabs to tempt you. We will go together and walk through the bazaar as we used to and enjoy the Kebabs and Rotis. Raj wake up and stop acting. I know you are a great actor, but you have to take me with you to the courtyard of the house in Peshawar”. Dilip Sahib’s voice was now choking, and tears were streaming down as he spoke to his dearest friend, lying unconscious on the bed.”

Before this, Saira Banu shared a picture of Dilip Kumar with legendary actor Ashok Kumar and spoke about the bond the two shared in a long note. 


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