NEW DELHI: After receding for three consecutive days since it touched the all-time high of 208.66 metres, the Yamuna in Delhi started rising again on Monday and appeared to have stabilised close to the 206-metre mark at the old railway bridge by 9pm.
The Central Water Commission attributed the increase to local factors, such as rain in the plains, and said it had nothing to do with discharge of water from the Hathnikund barrage.It added that the water level is likely to start coming down again from Monday night.
“The increase in the Yamuna water is temporary. It is because of local rains. The release from the Hathnikund barrage was very less,” said an official.“There has been rain in Delhi, Haryana and west UP on Sunday and Monday. Also, the city’s drainage, which was flowing in reverse when the river was in high spate, has also returning to the Yamuna, which is another reason for the marginal increase in water level,” the official added.


River Yamuna flowing just few inches below highest flood level in Delhi

The water level at the old railway bridge in Delhi recorded a steady fall till 4am Monday, when it touch its lowest level of 205.45m since July 11. After 6am, it started rising again by 4-5 centimetres every hour and reached 205.94m at 7pm, before falling marginally to 205.94m at 9pm.

Officials said the release of water from the Hathnikund barrage fluctuated between 38,000-48,000 cusecs, which was “normal” during the monsoon season. Though the discharge had increased on Sunday to 60,000 cusecs, it again came down to less than 50,000 cusecs in absence of intense rainfall in the hills.
The meteorological department has, however, issued a yellow alert for Himachal Pradesh and predicted heavy rain at sporadic locations on Tuesday. Similarly, an orange alert has been issued for Uttarakhand for Tuesday while Delhi has been issued a yellow alert with a prediction of moderate rains in the capital.

“If Himachal Pradesh receives heavy rains, more water is likely to flow in the Yamuna and discharge from the Hathnikund barrage may also increase. Its impact may be seen in Delhi in 3-4 days,” said an official.
Revenue minister Atishi, however, asked the people staying in the revenue camps to avoid going back to their houses in the floodplains for some more time.
“Due to heavy rains yesterday (Sunday) in some parts of Haryana, the water level of the Yamuna is rising slightly today (Monday). The Central Water Commission estimates that it could reach 206.1m overnight. But, there is no danger for the people of Delhi,” Atishi tweeted.
“But people living in relief camps are requested not to go back to their homes just yet. Return to your homes only after the water level comes below the danger mark,” she added.

Watch Delhi: Yamuna water level touches 205.94 metres, still above danger mark

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