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Deepika Padukone is undoubtedly the reigning queen of Bollywood. But it is not just the world of cinema that Deepika has been making strides in. The actress also launched her own skincare brand last year, 82°E, spreading her wings as an entrepreneur. Now, in a blog shared by the official website of 82°E, Deepika Padukone has shared her thoughts on skincare and shed light on her inspirations. In particular, Deepika explained how her mother Ujjala has had a profound impact on her skincare regime as well as the brand. “Growing up, like every young girl, I was hugely influenced by my mother. Watching my mother practice, her ‘less is more’ skincare routine rubbed off on me too and continues to be my go-to skincare routine. It is also the philosophy that defines all of the skincare products we create at 82°E,” she was quoted as saying.

Deepika Padukone, however, also confessed that she had made several skincare mistakes along the way. Referring to her teenage years when she was a professional badminton player, she said, “During these formative years, I had no real understanding of skincare or good practices for my skin health. All I did was wash my face with water. No cleansing. No hydrating. And definitely no sunscreen.”

Explaining her skincare journey, Deepika Padukone wrote, “It was only in my twenties after I began my modelling and acting career, that I noticed changes in my skin: sun spots, freckles, and pigmentation began to appear, and I started to understand the importance of taking care of my skin. With the realisation that I needed to do more than just ‘wash my face with water’ came my Cleanse, Hydrate, and Protect routine. I’ve found it to be the most simple yet effective routine I’ve practised. And for anything more complex, I’ve sought the advice of a dermatologist.”

She also mentioned that over the years, she has come to see her skincare routine as an act of self-love. “However, I’ve always believed that by practising your skincare routine ‘mindfully’, with intention, and without guilt, whether it is for 30 seconds or 30 minutes, you are practising an act of self-care,” Deepika Padukone explained.

A few weeks ago, Deepika Padukone, during an Ask Me Anything explained her mother’s influence on how she views skincare and said, “My secret has always been, just keep it very simple and just stick to the fundamentals. It’s sort of the mantra that my mother [Ujjala Padukone] taught me while I was growing up, she is like, ‘Don’t do too much to your skin, keep it simple; less is more’. So, just as a young kid, a mother tells you that it just sticks with you and I kind of continued that through my journey and my skincare routine. I just focus on cleansing my skin, keeping my skin hydrated, using sunscreen for protecting it from the sun and that’s really all I do.” 

Here’s a glimpse of Deepika Padukone flaunting her gorgeous face, albeit partly.

On the work front, Deepika Padukone will be seen in Project K with Prabhas and Jawan [in a cameo] with Shah Rukh Khan.

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