NEW DELHI: AirAsia India’s Delhi-Surat flight returned safely at IGI Airport on Friday night due to a reported windshield crack following bird strike during take off. The Airbus A320 (VT-NAG) took off as I5-1569 at 7.44 pm and shortly thereafter suffered a bird strike. The pilots then decided to return to Delhi and made a safe emergency landing here at 8.21 pm, according to flight tracking websites.

The aircraft has been grounded for checks and the airline was making arrangements to send passengers to their destination by arranging another aircraft. A spokesperson for AirAsia India, now known as AIX Connect, said the aircraft had a bird strike.

“AIX Connect aircraft VT-NAG, operating from Delhi to Surat, landed back in Delhi after suffering a windshield crack caused by a bird strike. The aircraft is presently grounded while we are making arrangements for our guests to be accommodated on alternative flights. We regret the inconvenience caused to the guests,” an AIX Connect spokesperson said.

Following windshield crack, pilots descend to reduce pressure on the same and land safely at the nearest suitable airport. In this case since the aircraft had taken off from Delhi and the reported cracking happened soon thereafter, they decided to return to Delhi.

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