Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss OTT 2  is inching closer to its grand finale and actress-filmmaker Pooja Bhatt is one of the the contenders for the title. Pooja has managed to keep fans hooked to the screens. Pooja has been quite vocal about her personal life inside the house. From talking about her divorce to alcohol addiction, Pooja didn’t shy away from discussing it with her housemates. In the latest episode, Pooja said that there was a time when she only had Rs 4,000 in bank account. Speaking to Elvish Yadav, Pooja said, “I want to add one thing by chote log I did not mean to comment on someone’s position, stature, bank balance in that case I am the sabse ‘choti’. When my father entered the Bigg Boss OTT house, he did not hesitate to admit that when I was born he barely had Rs 1200. I’ve myself told you all that I’ve been a big star once but there was a time when I only had Rs 4,000 in my bank account.” Pooja also said that the reason behind her financial struggles was that she “never begged or asked for money from anyone.” 

Pooja Bhatt, during a task earlier this week, had called the contestants “chote log”. Clarifying her remark, Pooja Bhatt added that her words were misinterpreted. She said, “Mera meaning choti soch tha… Yahan par agar log ek dusre ke ek ek words ko pakad ke baith jaate hain na… toh nobody would have spoken to each other. [I meant poor thinking only. If we start picking words like this, no one will be able to talk freely inside the house.] Understand the thoughts behind the words. I also gave an explanation that by chote log I meant choti soch.”

Meanwhile, the Bigg Boss OTT 2 finale will be held on August 14.

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